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DJ Printer XML Song File Reporting Tool

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Music Catalogs In Minutes!

Now with DJ Printer you can create Catalogs of your Music, Print Daily, Weekly and Monthly Log Reports. Print basic KJ Books (Two Column Song Printing) and Two Column Artist / Song Reports save paper and reduce file size.

Print Reports In Multiple Output Formats.

With DJ Printer, One Report can be viewed in many ways by choosing different output formats. Print your reports to: Any Printer, HTML (With Page Navigation), PDF (With Subgroups as Bookmarks), Text (Plain ASCII), XML (Somewhat useful, needs more development).

Many Report Outputs

PDF Report

Print Logs and Playlists for Clients, Record Pools and Labels.

The data is stored in TPS, MDB (Access) or MS SQL Server 2005 Express.
With the data in the above formats, you have the power to use the tools you're familar with to do whatever!, without having to figure out what a XML Schema is how to get the data in a row / column format that you can use.

The MDB will contain some extra queries and code when everything is done and the stored procedures for SQL Server 2005 Express will be available to all users.

If the HTML reports are popular I will add FTP to the program to allow posting the HTML reports after you create them and via timer.
When the XML is reworked, RSS will be added to create the XML that you can post on your site to provide basic RSS feeds.

More to come soon. Everything is BETA ! Suggestions welcome

HTML Report

We all know that PCDJ produces a LOG when we play, but how can we use that to our advantage?
Yes it's easy enough to import it into Excell or an XML Editor and play around with it.

But wouldn't it be nice if you could Import the XML LOG from the VRM Recordcase folder and then select the log by date and print? What about importing a weekend's worth of logs and averaging your songs played.

Import a months worth of logs and you can produce a Top 20 or 30 Playlist. A place can be added for you to select 4 or 5 Adds and Drops and you got it done!

XML Group Summary

Do you have Multiple Gig System and or DJ's working for you?

Do you know what music is on each system?

Wouldn't it be nice to know what is being played at the events where your company name is associated with?

This also can back you up if a client complains about a song, you have a LOG of the events of the night (so long as the DJ didn't play from a CD or ThumbDrive).

Record Pools could have the PCDJ members to send in their DJ Remote TPS files and that would be the report.
The Record Pool would not only know if the songs they are working have been played but what is getting the most play and when during the night.

Birthday Parties and Wedding parties could receive a Custom Report with the playlist from their event as a keepsake so that there will be no doubt what 'There Song' is...

Many more uses waiting to be discovered by DJ Printer Users mining the data from their PCDJ VRM Pro System.

PDF Bookmarks

Search All Connected Hard Drives! DJ Printer will Search All Connected Hard Drives on the system for MP3 Audio Files.

Searching For MP3 Files

It won't search inside of the Windows folder and the Program Files folder to avoid getting system sounds in the database.

Any External Drive, CD Drive, Jaz / Zip Drive, Floppy Drive that's powered on and has permission will be searched.

There is no way now to select which drives to search but there will when DJ Printer get closer to release.

When all MP3 files are found, you can save that data to TPS, MDB (Access) and / or MS SQL Server 2005 Express.

List Of Songs In The Browse

You can Save to All of The Formats and have multiple ways of processing the data!.

Multiple Output Formats! DJ Printer does not limit your Reporting to just paper, all reports can be output in one of the following formats:


The HTML Report comes with a page navigator on the top and is ready to be uploaded to your internet / intranet for viewing (see the Sample Reports on the Side Menu).

Export PDF

Pure ASCII Reports without the lines that can be used by coders and other import senarios.

PDF Documents created with the Subgroup Name as a Bookmark so you can go right to that section by clicking on it and see that series of songs. Nice to email to clients.

Export HTML

All reports generated in a Browse can be limited to just the selected records to create reports of 20 - 50 songs or more / less for whatever reason.

Report Preview

DJ Printer is ready to create Song Reports that can intergrate into your environment.


Query Builder On Browse FormsDJ Printer Browse Forms feature a Query Builder along with the Marker Sets on the Songs Forms.

Marker Sets and Query Builder

Using the Query Builder you can create Ad Hoc Searches using SQL Like Search terms to filter your song data and help you to find the recordset you're looking for.

Query Builder Dialog

Marker Sets: Organized Selection DJ Printer give you a way to build 'Sets' of records that does not take them from their current folders, doesn't limit how many groups one file can be a member of.

Understand that marker Sets will not cure the Bird Flu but they can be helpful.

When you are browsing Groups or Songs you can create Marker Sets by Ctrl-Clicking multiple records and then type a name in the Marker Set field and click Save Set.

Now the selection of records has a label. If you click on one row to de-select all the others, then click the drop down and select the set you created, all of the previously selected records will be selected again.

Rows Selected and Ready For Printing

Then you can press the Report Button and get a report that contains ONLY the records that you selected!

A Custom filtered Report printed as HTML, XML, PDF, ASCII or Paper!


Special LOG Processing When DJ Printer inports your XML Song files it markes the records as to what kind of record this should represent.

The flags in the system now are ' Groups ' for group records, ' LOG_DATE ' for the Log Entries and ' SONG ' for everything else.

This allows DJ Printer to create reports specific to Logs and Playlists. It also allows users to sort on multiple levels on LOG data.

User Name from each System is captured so you can average song play across Gig Systems and or DJ's.

Suggestions Welcome!.

Web Tools To Come... After the initial release and a few bug fixes, work will continue on the Web Based Features of DJ Printer.

DJ Printer will have the ability to FTP your HTML and PDF reports to any website that accepts FTP.

DJ Printer will be able to upload data to MySQL Remote databases that have tables matching the scripts available on the DJ Printer website.

The MS SQL Server 2005 Express scripts are there as well for those that are using MS SQL and want DJ Printer to use that backend.

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