DJ Printer v1.05 Feature Set

DJ Printer v1.05 Feature List
(This list of features will change as the project reaches it’s freeze date). If you have a suggestion please send it to us!

The following list is the current feature set for DJ Printer v1.05:

·    Loads XML Groups File Records into the DJ Printer Data Table

·    Loads XML Songs File Records into the DJ Printer Data Table

·    Searches all Hard Drives connected and installed for all MP3 Songs. (Does not search System Folders & Hidden Folders)

·    Creates a variety of Reports:

·    Report: All HD Songs that are Not in the XML Songs File Records (Helps you find songs you know you ripped but forgot where)

·    Report: Playlist Logs Sorted By Play Time with breaks on the Month displaying the Artist and Song Title

·    Report: Lists All Major Groups & Subgroups with the count of songs in each group or subgroup next to the group name.

·    Report: Unique Artist Report Shows a count of songs for each Artist / Group Name

·    Report: Select Songs in the XML Songs Browse and print only the songs you selected.

·    Report: All HD Songs in Artist / Song Order

·    Report: All XML Songs Records in Artist / Song Title Order

·    Report: Song Play Frequency (How many times a song was played based on the Log XMl files)

·    Report: Playlist Log Detail by Year / Month / Day / Artist / Song Title

·    Copy All Data Files to MS Access

·    Copy All Data Files to MS SQL Server 2005 Express

·    Copy All Data Files to MySQL Server

·    FTP HTML Reports and PDF Reports to your website

·    Next Major Version of DJ Printer will read and process Virtual DJ Software XML Songs Files

We have other thoughts and ideas but I believe in getting one thing done at a time. This makes sure that things get done.
If you have suggestions or requests regarding reports or bug reports, please send them to