Getting Started with DJ Printer
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Getting Started Printing With DJ Printer
In a short time from now, you will learn to use the new DJ Printer tools to unlock the Recordcase and create Reports with your Song Data!
Ready to get started?
The first thing to do is to make sure all XML files in PCDJ are current. You do this by right- clicking on the Groups in the recordcase and select Refresh All Groups.


This step is necessary if you can’t remember the last time you refreshed the Recordcase and /or you have Un-Monitored Music Folders.
DJ Printer reads the XML Song Files created by PCDJ. If the files are not up to date, some of your songs may not appear in the reports because they won’t be current in the XML Songs Files.

Once the XML Song Files are updated, you can exit PCDJ. It is not necessary to have PCDJ open to run DJ Printer. DJ Printer reads the XML Song Files and creates it’s own database tables that it uses to print reports.

DJ Printer also creates a database table of all the MP3 Songs that are on your hard drive.

When you run DJ Printer and choose to load XML Song Files, you will have to load them from the VRM Recordcase folder that is located in the My Documents folder.

(Inside the My Documents Folder…)
(Inside the PCDJ Recordcase Folder…)

(Inside of the VRM Recordcase Folder…)

You can see inside of this folder is the Groups XML Song File.
This is the first file I recommend you load, since you’re here…

Double-click on the PlayLists Folder and you will see the XML Songs that make up the Music database PCDJ uses to track songs.

The following window shows all of the files on my drive.

Next Up! Loading XML Songs into DJ Printer