Loading XML Songs In DJ Printer
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Loading XML Song Files Into DJ Printer
This is one of the longest processes but is only necessary when you want to refresh the XML Songs Files.

The other process that runs as long is the HD Songs Search Process for MP3 Song Files on your hard drive.
Now that you have refreshed the XML Song Files in PCDJ, let’s load those XML Song Files into DJ Printer.

Once they are loaded into DJ Printer you can create reports in many different formats and sorts.

Before loading the XML Song Files, fill out the User Options Screen.


The data from this screen is used on all of the reports to identify your DJ Company.

Now you can print Song Lists with your custom info and pass it on to your clients, clubs and radio stations. Everyone that needs to know what songs are available and what songs were played during a selected time range.

Now let’s load some XML Song Files…


Run DJ Printer and from the File Menu, choose ‘Load PCDJ Music Files’ or press F2

The Load XML Window displays.

This window displays the current count of records imported into the DJ Printer database.
The button with the … is the one you click on to Load the XML Song Files.

·    XML Group Records is a count of all the Groups you have based on the Groups.xml file you will load.

·    XML Song Records is a count of the songs in the XML Song Files that PCDJ created (inside the Project Folder).

·    MP3 Song Records is a count of the MP3 ID3 Tag Data records extracted from the HD Songs on your hard drive.

·          Found Song Records (HD Songs) is a count of all the MP3 Song Files found on your hard drive(s)

The silver button at the top of the screen with … as the title is the Load XML Song Files Dialog button. Clicking this button opens the Open File Dialog Box.


Find the VRM Recordcase folder and double-click on it (normally in the My Documents folder).


Inside of the VRM Recordcase folder is the Groups.xml file and the Playlists Folder with the rest of your XML Song Files.

Double-click on the Groups File in the dialog window to load the groups.

The Load XML Song Files Window will refresh and you will see the count of Groups you have logged into the PCDJ System Database.


Now go back to the … button and load the rest of the XML Song Files.

Navigate through the folders to get back to the VRM Recordcase\Project Folder. There you should see all of your song files.


You can click inside of the dialog window and Ctrl-A to select all and click Open or you can Ctrl – Click any files that you want to load and click Open.
(You might want to load a small group to get used to how this works. You can delete and reload the files).

In the Status bar you should see a counter displaying the process of the XML Songs Record Import.
When the process is done, you will see the count of XML Song File Records in the DJ Printer Database.