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DJ Printer v1.05
XML Song File Reporting Tool for PCDJ & Virtual DJ Professional Packages.
NOTE: May 30, 2006 This is a BETA Version of the Application and although it’s stable, there are more things that need to be done.

Thank you for trying this BETA Version of DJ Printer v1.05. This Application Version is valid until August 1, 2006.

DJ Printer was designed to answer a nagging client’s request to know what songs I have available. I get several gigs a year from this client but I hate to see them coming because I know I will have to go above and beyond for this one.

And although I don’t have as many songs as most of you but 16,000 songs is still quite a bit to look through especially when the client doesn’t know the artist’s name or enough of the title to point to it. DJ Printer helps solves this problem.

I read in the PCDJ FX forum where Ryan was saying that a Major Group (in the Recordcase) should not have more than 6,000 entries.
I wondered how you would know that you have reached or exceeded this amount?

You can go to each Subgroup and sort by the POS field then look at the largest number in that field. The same is true for the Major Groups.

Now with DJ Printer, you don't have to! it generates a report that lists the Major Groups and their Subgroups with the Count of Songs next to the Subgroup name and a total for the Major Group at the end of each group break.

One thing I like about DJ Printer is that it will find all of the songs on my hard drive(s) and I can print a report, browse through the songs and play them if they were ripped as Track 1, etc.

These song files are called HD Songs because they are records of the actual MP3 files on your hard drive.

XML Songs are song records extracted from the PCDJ XML Song Files in the VRM Recordcase.

You can run a report on these songs to find all of the HD Songs that are NOT in the XML Songs table. Basically you can find out what songs PCDJ doesn’t know about.

DJ Printer is designed to extract data from the XML Song files and from the MP3 Files.
It will not create or change any MP3 song file or XML Song file.
Customize each report with your Company Name, DJ Name and more.

Multiple DJ’s can have a profile in the system and can change what custom info appears on the reports. The active profile is the one with the Cur Rec Checkbox is checked.
Getting DJ Printer to work for you is easy but there is some up-front work that has to be done first.

The Basic Steps to get setup are:

1.   Refresh All groups in PCDJ FX/RED/Blue VRM (to make sure that nothing will be missed)
2.   Enter your Custom Info in the Preference Screen and click OK.
3.   Load All XML Song Files from the VRM Recordcase folder in My Documents
4.   Search your hard drive(s) for all MP3 Song files
5.   Run a few processes to create the indexes for counting songs and creating ID’s
6.   Ready to Generate Reports!

With DJ Printer you can:

·    Print to your Printer
·    Save to a PDF file
·    Save to a set of HTML pages complete with Page Navigation
·    Save to XML

The current reports (May 30, 2006) need some work. They were created to make sure everything is working and for some rush info I needed to get out.
Any suggestions for reports are welcome and encouraged.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please send them to: PlayList@AlaskaBorg.com and the site address is: http://alaskaborg.com/pcdj

When completed, the application will sell for $39.95 and will also export all data to MS Access, MS SQL Server 2005 and MySQL.
An advanced version will FTP the HTML pages for you to your website.

I hope this helps! Rick “AlaskaBorg” Neal, DJ Consulting Services / SpiderWeb Computer Services in Anchorage, Alaska.

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